I’m getting married in the morning…………………

Ontario is holding onto Summer in preparation for the marriage of one of her gorgeous daughters.

It’s a love thing ……………

I believe it !!

Leaves are blushing and presenting themselves to a knowing low slung afternoon light,
each leaf proudly holding it’s individual glow to create an amazing golden, rusty aura.


My love’s beautiful family home is a photographers dream location for a wedding. On Saturday 8th of October 2011 , we will complete our marriage vows in front of family and friends.
This time, Canada time, my bride will be wearing the gown handed down by her Grandmother, standing beside her Mother, in her family home.


Differing only in GPS directions to guests, the vows will be repeated, the love will bind hemispheres.
Wine and tears will flow – I personally guarantee that !!
Even the chipmunks and squirrels are quarreling over the details, nuts are being bartered and there is lots of grooming of tails, they’re on high alert in preperation for a perfect day !!.

The arguing and grooming, I thought it was about the wedding but maybe not…

Winter is almost here !!!!!

how cold can it get !!???????????????

Will keep you posted………….

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Did you ever take that snow globe down from your Grandma’s mantle and shake the living crap out of it ? Turn it upside down to see if there was a way in ? Wonder if it really was cold in there ? 

Maybe it was just me !!

I also wondered if the people in snowy climates had little tropical globes that sent sand and coconuts flying everywhere…..

Way back in 1989, somewhere in the dappled days or dazzled nights of Surfers Paradise a 19 year old Canadian girl found one ; thought ” how pretty” and shook my world really, really hard.

By definition, you can only ever have one first love .

With all it’s purity and promise, the madness and the heartbreak, there will always be that tattoo on your soul. 

Four months later as I looked around through the dust, the debris and the coconuts , she was gone again. She kept the ring and left me with my own little snow globe for the mantle of my mind.

Twenty-two years of palm trees and beaches. Bistro’s, Bars or Fine Dining,  my life was a postcard of sunsets, cocktails and the sweet scent and swell of the ocean by my pillow – until a heady whiff of an old perfume took me on a sensory flashback powerful enough to blow the dust off my mantle.

I found it. Then I shook it.

Hard .

The world is a much smaller place than when we met at 19, a few strokes on a keyboard found us face to face again ,17 inch , live on screen.

Everything was crystal clear.

Now, a year, a wedding and a whirlwind later I’ve traded my tropic hemisphere for hers. Come winter and I’ll see and feel the snow for real. A white Christmas, who would’ve thought……

These pages are my wanderings and exploration of this beautiful  snow globe I’ve found my way into. ( There is a door, though it only opens from the inside ! )

Come and take a walk with me , meet the wife !!


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